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Sun, Stone, and Shadows: 20 Great Mexican Short Stories


 If you are here, you should know that ACC has received an important grant from the National Endowment for the Arts.  Our main goal is to reach as many people as possible and encourage the community of Austin to read.  

 I would like to invite you, your family, and friends to attend our events.  We have something for everyone and I assure you that you will be inspired to reconnect with the pleasure of reading. 

 Parents, this is great opportunity for you and your children to share a common activity, initiate a constructive dialog, and exchange ideas.

 Also, we must not forget that Sun, Stone, and Shadows has a rich cultural context.  Many of you will discover and be amazed to know another face of Mexico, the literature face.

ACC’s The Big Read team is proud to present this program to you and we hope to shake your hand when you join us at any of our ACC’s The Big Read events.

Sol, piedra y sombras: Veinte cuentistas mexicanos de la primera mitad del siglo XX


 Si te encuentras aquí, ya saberás que ACC ha recibido un importante subsidio del National Edowment for the Arts.  Nuestra principal meta es alcanzar y alentar a la comunidad de Austin a leer.

 Me gustaría invitarte a ti, a tu familia y a tus amigos a que asistan a nuestros eventos.  Tenemos algo para todos y te aseguro que te sentirás inspirado/a a reconectarte con el placer de la lectura.

 Padres de familia, esta es una gran oportunidad para que usted y sus hijos compartan una actividad en común, inicien un diálogo constructivo e intercambien ideas. 

 También, cabe mencionar que Sol, piedra y sombras tiene un contenido cultural muy rico.  Muchos de ustedes descubrirán y se sorprenderán al conocer otra cara de México, la cara literaria. 

 El equipo de ACC’s The Big read  está orgulloso de presentarles este programa y esperamos saludarlos cuando nos encontremos en alguno de los eventos de ACC’s The Big Read.

 Rosa A. Dávila

Program Manager


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This blog was created to allow the community to communicate as a whole regarding the Big Read in Austin, sponsored by the NEA and Austin Community College’s Division of Arts and Humanities. From September 15th to November 2nd, 2009, we are sponsoring events at various ACC campuses as well as various venues throughout the city. We encourage you to leave your comments, suggestions, thoughts, or experiences regarding the Big Read in Austin.

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